Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe interview on coronavirus | What would happen if an epidemic spread 50 times more than Corona; Why infection is less and more, why many such questions are needed: Ratcliffe

  • Nobel Prize for Medicine Dr. Peter Bole – WHO needs to change the way people work
  • Said – The current corona era tells that we will have to prepare in advance what will happen in the future.

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Jul 01, 2020, 06:20 AM IST

Ritesh Shukla. The doctor who received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2019 is Peter Ratcliffe Nephrologist (kidney specialist). He is a research scholar at Oxford University and clinical research director of the Francis Crick Institute. Today on NewsBust India on National Doctors Day Ritesh Shukla Had a special conversation with him. He referred to serious questions related to the corona epidemic and the future. He said that WHO cannot be abolished, it will have to change its course. For this, consensus in politics and leaders is necessary. Read edited portions of their conversation …

When I received the Nobel Prize, there were so many calls that I suddenly felt that I was a great soul. Even my children looked at me with respect. The special thing about our profession is that time is spent in seeing patients and doing research. Why the parts of the body become sluggish in doing their work and how to make them fit again, this journey itself is enjoyable. This feeling makes a doctor a doctor. The current corona phase suggests that we will have to prepare in advance for what will happen in the future. The biggest obstacle in this is that in this world asking questions to the extent of arrogance is considered against fashion.

It is fashionable to believe everything in society, not raise any questions and that is why most people do not do any research and get upset when plans are not fulfilled. In society, we need a balance between two types of people. One is those who break beliefs and raise disagreeable but useful questions. Others, who spend their lives by joining fashion. Second, we put more emphasis on decision making, but do not pay attention to what to do after the decision is taken. I am saying this because the decisions that we make, the plans we make, are not necessarily complete.

For example, after the award was announced my 300 events were finalized. But suddenly all these were averted due to Corona. Now the question in the corona period is that if a big epidemic comes in future, in which death rate is 50 times more than corona, what will be done? Why corona infection mortality is lower in India, but higher in Italy or Spain.

When will the vaccine be made?

The answers to these questions depend on how many tests are being done on the human body. We do not know whether this disease directly affects the blood or reaches the blood through some reactive medium. Until this is known, there will be problems in making a reliable vaccine or medicine. In the case of Corona, I believe that there is a need to speed up the study on hypoxia. Hypoxia is a condition when the oxygen does not reach the tissues of the body as needed. This can reduce the need for ventilators.

According to me, the trial of the Almitrin drug, which is made by a French company, should be started. It is a lung disease medication but its use has been stopped. Its usefulness in covid cases can be ascertained by trial. Ultimately, such questions cannot be answered without testing. The medical community, medical technology should concentrate all their attention on finding answers to them.

What will be the functionality in offices?

If the threat of epidemic remains, then what will be the functioning in the offices? There is also a need to rethink topics like building design, fire regulation, etc. to save lives and property during future epidemics. Today, global institutions like the World Health Organization have also been accused in the Corona era.

I would not say WHO is no longer needed, but there is a need for a change in the way they work. There is no harmony in political decisions. Politics has been taking decisions keeping its interests in mind, while the Corona epidemic has made it clear that now political decisions should be made keeping in mind the people of the world.

Had to study chemistry, the teacher said – study medicine
When I was enrolled in college, I wanted to take chemistry. But at the behest of my head master took medicine. Neither did he try to explain anything nor did I ask any questions. I chose to do so and today I like my work very much. I think it is more important to decide why you want to do something, then you will be able to decide what you want to do.


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