Produces yarn from paper waste, then makes decorative items with fabric of same thread, annual turnover Rs 15 lakh | She makes yarn from paper vest, then makes decorative items from her fabric, annual turnover is Rs 15 lakh.

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  • Produces Yarn From Paper Waste, Then Makes Decorative Items With Fabric Of Same Thread, Annual Turnover Rs 15 Lakh

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new DelhiOne hour agoAuthor: Vikas Verma

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Neerja Palisetti, who lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan, recycled Paper Waste and produces beautiful products.

  • Neerja Palisetti, who lives in Jaipur, is one of them, who is recycling paper waste and preparing beautiful products.
  • After nearly 10 years of research on paper weaving techniques, Neerja launched ‘Sutrakara Creation’ in 2016.

We all know about the paper waste, but probably do not know that the paper industry is a major cause of pollution like plastic. Even though we talk about paper equip culture today, trees are being cut every day to meet the need of paper around the world.

Most products made from paper are one-time use, after which they are directly mixed with waste and reach land fill sites. Paper is produced on a very large scale in the country, but it is recycled and reused by very few people.

Neerja Palisetti, who lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is one of them who are recycling paper waste and producing beautiful products. Neerja is making many beautiful products used in daily life through paper. For this, they use the waste paper which escapes from the paper industry.

Their innovative way of weaving paper in this way is helping to manage paper waste on a large scale. Neerja says, ‘I am a textile innovator and I have 18 years of experience in academia and industry. We make fabric that is made of unconventional material.

The fabric is usually Lenin, wool or cotton based. But we do not use all this and weave the paper vest around us and we use this paper vest to make a thread. Neerja says, ‘I belong to a family of weavers. I inherited the craft, but I always used to make something useful out of old and useless things.

My father himself has been a renowned textile designer, he himself has studied with NID and has also studied there. He has also been my guide. The love for art and craft comes from his father. He has been very fond of exploring from different materials. I did research under his guidance and understood that paper weaving is not a new technique.

Says Neerja,

Says Neerja, “I am a textile innovator and I have 18 years of experience in academia and industry.”

It is a technique based on the old Japanese method. Many artists still work on this technique there. I was impressed by this art because I found this paper a very good alternative to waste management. ‘

Neerja says, ‘I was doing research on paper re-cycling, how paper waste can be used to make a useful product. I have also published a research paper on this subject. When I came to know about Japan’s paper weaving concept, I felt that it can be used in Indian environment.

I first understood and learned its technique. Then first of all I collected and wasted the paper waste and processed it into small pieces and then threaded it with my own hands on the handloom, when the experiment was successful, I laid the foundation for the startup. ‘

After research on paper weaving technique for nearly 10 years, Neerja started ‘Sutrakar Creation’ in 2016. Neerja says that one day I, my father and my husband sat down and decided what the name would be. We sat with English to Hindi, English to Sanskrit dictionary. I had to name something that would re-present our Indian culture as well as our work.

So after many names came the Sutrakara. The sutrakara means one who weaves. And the second is to shape the formulas. There is also a formula written on paper and we shape it. And we make products by weaving paper through our startup.

This startup of Neerja has transformed her dreams into reality as well as has given work to those people who work knitting by spinning wheel. Neerja’s startup has three weavers, a helper and 4 interns. Apart from this, there are also three women who make paper thread from a spinning wheel at home.

This thread of paper is made by weaving Artisan fabric, from which new products are being made. Sutrakar Creations produces more than 40 types of products in today’s times.

Neerja's startup has three weavers, a helper and 4 interns.  Apart from this, there are also three women who make paper thread from a spinning wheel at home.

Neerja’s startup has three weavers, a helper and 4 interns. Apart from this, there are also three women who make paper thread from a spinning wheel at home.

Neerja says, “People generally think that paper products are not very strong. I would like to say that there is no versatile material like paper and no other material. Even if you dip the newspaper in water, it does not melt completely. And when it is cut and twisted and spinned, it becomes even stronger, and then its strength is still visible. When a thread is made from paper and then fabric it becomes very strong. ‘

Neerja is making clutch, lampshades, photo frames, bookmarks, diaries, sketch books, penstands etc. with paper. The price of these products ranges from Rs 300 to Rs 10,000. Neerja says that only people from a class and segment buy our product in India, more orders come from abroad. To reach the mass market, we still have to come to a bigger level, then prices will go down, we are trying to do this.

Neerja sources her products from a raw material scrap dealer and paper industry. Apart from this, she also collects newspapers from homes. She says that there are many opportunities around you, you just need to pay attention to these occasions and work on them.

Last year’s turnover of Sutrakar Creations was around Rs 15 lakh. This time 25 percent more is expected from him. Because now people have increased awareness towards sustainable. In such a situation, the products we make are very favorable to the people. Apart from this, the other reason is that there is no Kovid virus on the paper fabric. By simply sanitizing it, it becomes back to normal.

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