Prime Minister Narendra Modi to deliver virtual keynote address in UN | Prime Minister said- Drought and barren land is a threat to the world, if it is ignored then it will destroy our foundation


New Delhi19 minutes ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually addressed an important meeting of the United Nations on Monday night. In this meeting held on the barren land and drought conditions, the Prime Minister said that India has always given the status of mother to the earth. Decreasing fertile land and drought are a cause of concern for humanity. This is a danger sign for the whole world.

Developing countries at greater risk
Modi said – Decreasing fertility of land is a big threat to developing countries and the world. India is helping its partner developing countries in this matter so that land restoration can be done. For this, we have also created a Center for Excellence in the country, so that we can help the world on this matter. We have taken many more steps. Due to this many problems were faced in the Rann of Kutch. There is very little rain there.

Modi said that we focused on planting grass in the Rann of Kutch to make the land fertile and this prevented the land from becoming barren and desert. This natural method proved to be very effective.

Highlights of PM’s speech…

  • We are working towards restoring 26 million hectares of degraded land by 2030. This will contribute to India’s commitment to achieve an additional carbon sink equivalent to 2.5-3 billion tonnes of CO2.
  • About 3 million hectares of forest area has been added in the last 10 years in India. This has increased the combined forest area to about 1/4 of the total area of ​​the country. We are on track to achieve our national commitment to land degradation neutrality.
  • Tragically, land degradation affects two thirds of the world today. If left unchecked, it will destroy the very foundations of our societies, economies, food security, health, safety and quality of life.
  • In India we have always given importance to the land and consider the holy earth as our mother. India has taken the lead in highlighting the issues of land degradation in international forums.


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