Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Pariksha Pe Charcha Parents should not pressurize children


M Pallavi of Andhra Pradesh and Arpan Pandey of Malaysia had asked the Prime Minister the solution to end the fear of examination. In response to this, the Prime Minister said, “You are not afraid of examination. An atmosphere has been created around you that the exam is everything. This is life. In this situation, students start thinking too much. I think this is the biggest mistake. Examination is not the last point in life. Life is very long and there are many stops in it. The exam is a short halt. ”

He urged parents, teachers and relatives not to put undue pressure on the students and said that if the outside pressure is over, the students will not feel the pressure of the exam.

The Prime Minister said, “It is not that the exam is the last chance, but it is the best opportunity to tighten yourself to live a long life in a way. The problem is when we consider the exam to be the end of life’s dreams and make a question of life and death. ”

He said that the examination is an opportunity to build a life and the family should give stress-free life to their children.

The Prime Minister urged the parents to spend time with the children and said that only then would they be able to get an idea of ​​the real potential and interest of the children. He said, “But today some parents are so busy that they are unable to give time to the children.” They have to see the result of examinations to find out the child’s potential. Therefore, the assessment of children has also been limited on the result of the examination.

Modi said that the free time found in the routine of the students is not only a treasure, but also an opportunity. He said that if there is no free time in the routine, life becomes like a robot. When a student asked the Prime Minister what the children should do in their spare time, they replied that free time is a privilege and an opportunity.

He said, “Do not consider it empty, it is a treasure.” Free time is an opportunity. There should be moments of free time in your routine or else life becomes like a robot. Your life should be such that when you get free time, it will give you unlimited bliss. ”

The Prime Minister said that he himself likes to sit and walk for some time after his busy schedule. He suggested to children that they should find creative ways of expressing their feelings and thoughts, because the scope of knowledge is sometimes limited, but creativity also takes children far away from knowledge. He said, “Creativity can take you to an area where no one has reached before, which is new.”

Replying to a question about the damage done to students due to Corona epidemic, Modi said, “We can say that students lost a year due to Kovid-19 but they also got many lessons due to this epidemic.”

He said, “The epidemic taught us to fight against the sudden incident.” People felt that we should not accept destiny only to go to school and office every day. ”

The Prime Minister said, “If we have lost a lot during the Corona period, we have gained a lot. We should remember this lesson for life. “He said that the first lesson of the Corona period is that the children, during this time, realized the importance of the role of those people who lacked them in their lives. .

He said, “Another thing also happened during the Corona period that we have understood each other more closely in the family. Corona forced social distance but it also strengthened the emotional attachment among families. The Corona period has also shown what is the strength of a joint family and how much role they play in building the lives of the children of the household. ”

The Prime Minister requested researchers and universities involved in sociology that they should study or research the society, the changes in life and the role of joint families in combating this crisis, from the Corona crisis.

It is noteworthy that in view of the spread of Corona epidemic, all the schools across the country were closed in the month of March last year. Online studies were started for this to not affect the education of children. In response to another question, he said that in general, parents ask children to solve simple questions first and difficult questions later, while examining, they have different opinions in this matter.

He said, “I look at it from a different perspective. Solve the difficult question first. When you are refreshed, even difficult questions become easier. ”

The Prime Minister, sharing his experience with the students, told that he likes to start from difficult things. He said that he faces many difficult things as Prime Minister.

He told, “I like to start the morning work with hard things. The most difficult things my officers bring before me. They know that I have a different mood at that time. I understand things very fast and move towards decision making. ”

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