Prepare to learn new skills in free time, prepare in this way on financial and mental front | Prepare to learn new skills in free time, rein in unnecessary expenses; Learn how to prepare on the financial and mental front

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42 minutes agoAuthor: Nisarg Dixit

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  • Going to the job causes mental problems, according to experts – read positive things and do not let stress grow.
  • Immediately after being unemployed, think about finding a new job instead of a vacation, it will not make a gap in your work.

Many people are working from home due to coronavirus, as they have been given Work from Home to break the virus chain. It is a part of the professional world. The second part consists of people who have been fired by the company due to loss or sent on leave indefinitely. Both are at home, but the situation is completely different. To lose a job is a morale breaker. Many people get mentally disturbed due to family and financial part.

According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the unemployment rate in India in December 2019 was 7.60%. It increased to 8.75% in March 2020. Whereas, in April 2020 the figure was 23.52%. However, it was reduced to 8.35% in August 2020. Even after this, there are many people who could not return to work again. According to a report by Deutsche Vale, experts believe that India will take a long time to recover from the unemployment crisis.

Tips that will prepare you mentally
Shikha Sharma, associate professor and psychologist at Gitanjali Hospital in Udaipur, Rajasthan, says time is most important. It never stops. We do not have to worry about time. Prepare yourself Learn from Dr. Sharma, how to keep yourself calm.

  • Keep calm: Try to keep yourself relaxed, because job troubles increase negativity a lot. Economic problems arise due to jobs, family problems begin. This causes stress.
  • be positive: Be positive and read positive things.
  • No job is too small: In bad circumstances, do not consider any work to be small or big. Think a little about your problem. This may lead to a better future. Do the things you can do for a livelihood, so that the worry of earning is less.
  • Health care: Do not let the mental disturbance cause health problems. To keep yourself calm, stay healthy and have a balanced diet. Due to deterioration your focus shifts to health rather than goals. After this the stress increases. Stress has a direct effect on our heart, digestion and respiratory.
  • Do not be alone: At such a time, the person becomes a victim of stress quickly. Try to spend as much time as possible with your family. This will strengthen you mentally. Will not be stressed.

Dr. Sharma said that one of his acquaintances previously worked as a computer operator, but the company going through a bad phase fired him. After this, he came to stress, but he took over himself and took advantage of the government's plans and started the work of vegetables. They now only want to do business.

How to prepare yourself on the economic front
Experts say that if you have lost your business or job in the time of epidemic and you have savings, then the only way to use it properly. It is extremely important to spend your savings carefully.

  • Essential expenses: Experts recommend stopping any non-essential expenses during this time, as savings are the only support you have until you resume work. In this case, give priority to food and health.
  • Do not take wrong decisions: Many times we take wrong decisions after leaving the job. Think a little and guess how long your unemployment can last. Do not spend your accumulated capital in a hurry. If you do not understand, seek the help of an economic advisor.
  • Look at borrowings: It is important to look into this part. Look carefully at how much money you have to pay. By doing this, you will also be able to keep track of other important expenses and estimate savings. If you repay your borrowings with complete planning, then your civil score will not be affected.
  • Stop paying non-essential bills: During the job, you had taken many services. Such as OTT subscription, gym or club membership. It can be difficult to continue these facilities in such bad times. Prioritize your bill. See what needs to be paid first. If possible, pay less money, so that you can avoid penalty or late fees.

Now preparing for the future

  • Start searching for a new job immediately: Many people feel that they will find a new job immediately and start planning a vacation before starting the search. Remember that this may sound good, but a long gap in work can make your profile weak. If you plan to leave after being unemployed, then you are putting your emergency fund in danger.
  • Explain the skills: Make a list, which should make it clear what you used to do in the previous job and what work you are doing better. After finding out about your skills, prepare a good CV, which is aware of your every achievement and skill. Take the help of professional social media platforms like LinkedIn to showcase your talent.
  • Learn new things: When you were making a list of skills, you would have found out what would be new to learn. Your goal should always be to keep learning. Prepare new skills inside you till you get a new job.
  • If you do not get a chance, prepare: You have been looking for a new job for quite some time, but you are not succeeding in this job. In this case, think about starting your own work. If you consider yourself worthy of a new beginning, then consider it. In such a situation, you can take help of your senior's field expert.
  • Do not underestimate yourself: It feels bad to be fired, but don't take it personally. You tell me what you are, not your job or company. The company may have fired you from your job due to financial problems. Such financial difficulty that you have no control over. Prepare your skills and find work again on your own.


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