Pradosh Vrat 2021: know Puja Vidhi shubh muhurat and Significance


Pradosh Vrat 2021: Pradosh Vrat is today.

New Delhi:

Pradosh Vrat 2021: Today, on April 9, Pradosh is fasting. Pradosh Vrat also has special significance in Hinduism. This fast is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is believed that by observing this fast, Lord Shiva receives special blessings and blessings. Problems in the life of a person who observes this fast are removed and happiness comes peace. Pradosh Vrat comes twice every month. Today is the first Pradosha fast for the month of April.

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Auspicious time for Pradosh Vrat
Start of Trayodashi Tithi: On April 9, 3 o’clock in the morning from 16 in the morning
End of the date of Trayodashi: On April 10 at 428 in the morning
Worship time: The evening of April 9 from 6 to 41 minutes to 9 o’clock.

Importance of Pradosh Vrat
Pradosh Vrat is kept on the Shukla of Krishna month and the Trayodashi date of Krishna Paksha. It is believed that by worshiping and fasting Lord Shiva on this day, all the wishes of the devotee are fulfilled.

Worship this way on Pradosh Vrat
On this holy day, wake up early in the morning and take a bath and wear clean clothes.
– Clean the Ganges by spraying water in place of worship.
– Give a bath to the idol of Lord Shiva.
– Apply sandalwood to the idol of Lord Shiva.
After worshiping, observe the fast by following the rules of fasting.
– Listen and read the story of Pradosh Vrat in Pradosh Kaal.
– Offer white things.
After the aarti of Lord Shiva, share the bhog to everyone and also accept it yourself.


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