Pongal 2021: pongal date time significance and how it is celebrated


Pongal 2021: Pongal is the festival of Sun worship.

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Pongal 2021: Pongal is the main festival of South India. In North India, where Makar Sankranti is celebrated, in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu, Hindu families celebrate Pongal with great pomp. This festival is celebrated for 4 days. Pongal is mainly an agricultural festival, in which the sun is worshiped. Pongal is a symbol of the sun’s succession from Dakshinayan. This time the festival of Pongal will start from 14 January and will be celebrated till 17 January. This festival is called Pongal because the offerings made to Lord Suryadev on this day are called Pongal in Tamil Nadu. Pongal in Tamil language means: to boil well and enjoy the sun god.

Pongal has special significance in Tamil Nadu. From this day the first date of the month of Tamil calendar begins. In this way, Pongal is also a symbol of the beginning of the new year.

How is the festival of Pongal celebrated?
On this festival, people wake up early in the morning and wear new clothes and go to temples and worship God. Traditional dishes are prepared on Pongal with rice, jaggery and gram dal. Pongal in Tamil language means boiling well. That is, this bhog made of rice, jaggery and lentils is boiled properly and offered to Lord Surya. To express gratitude to Lord Surya, he is offered a dish of Pongal, after which he is accepted as a Prasad.

Pongal festival is celebrated like this for 4 days

Enjoyer: The festival of Pongal is celebrated for four days. The first day is a bhogi, on this day houses are cleaned and ‘bhogi’ is burnt from the old items of cleaning.

Thai: The second day is the main festival of Pongal, which is celebrated on the first day of the Tamil month of Thai. On this day, people make sweet dish Chakrai Pongal in their homes, which is dedicated to the Sun God. On this occasion, the shape of the sun is also made with rice flour.


Mattoo Pongal: The third day is Mattu Pongal, when cows, bulls are bathed and their horns are painted and they are worshiped. The women feed the birds with dyed rice and pray for the welfare of their brothers.

Kannam Pongal: Kannam Pongal is celebrated on the fourth day. On this day, people visit their friends and relatives home and meet them and greet each other.


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