Politics intensifies when girls get pregnant in Kanpur shelter home Priyanka-Akhilesh raised questions – Politics sharp, Priyanka-Akhilesh raised questions on girls getting pregnant in Kanpur shelter home

Out of the 173 girl children living here, 57 have been found to be corona victims. 7 girls are pregnant.


In Kanpur's Government Child Protection Home, the politics has intensified when 57 girls are corona positive and 7 girls are pregnant. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi and former CM Akhilesh Yadav have attacked the government about this. On the other hand, the State Women's Commission has sought a reply from the DM of Kanpur. The child protection home of Kanpur is now being sealed and sanitized. Out of the 173 girls living here, 57 have been found corona victims. 7 girls are pregnant, out of which 5 have also become corona. The opposition government is an attacker on this.

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Opposition surrounded the government

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra wrote on Facebook, “ A surprise came to light that 57 girls were found in Kanpur's government child protection home and 2 girls came out and one got AIDS. The story of Muzaffarpur (Bihar) is in front of the country. Such a case had also come up in Deoria in UP. Therefore it seems that everything is suppressed in the name of investigation.

On the other hand, former CM of UP Akhilesh Yadav tweeted, 'There is outrage in UP due to the news from the child protection home of Kanpur. There has also been serious revelation of some pregnant girls getting pregnant. 57 of them are suffering from corona and one from AIDS. There should be immediate treatment. The government should immediately conduct an inquiry against those who exploit the physical.

Administration denied

But the administration denies that a girl has become pregnant after coming to the government home. He says that the districts from which the girls have come. The case of their physical exploitation is already going on there. Brahmdev Tiwari, DM of Kanpur, told NewsBust, 'As far as the cases being raised here that they have been exploited in any way, this is completely baseless. Such cases which come through CWC or Court.

This is the case

The matter came to light that on the 12th, the government ordered a random test of the corona in all the shelter homes. There are 173 girls in the shelter home of Kanpur, 63 of them have been victims of exploitation. In whose cases cases are going on in Posco Act. 5 girls got Carona test, 1 positive came. Then 173 girls tested, 57 got positive, 7 girls are pregnant, 5 of them are also victims of Corona.

The opposition is questioning the administration's claim that the girls are already pregnant. Former Kanpur MP Subhashini Ali says, "The rape victims get this option, this is the right that they can demand the abortion. Was he informed about this option? If not given then why? After all, who will take responsibility for the children of these girls?

State Women's Commission took cognizance

On the other hand, the State Women's Commission has also sought a reply from the Kanpur DM. State Women's Commission member Sunita Bansal said, "Although the DM has denied any such thing, but the chairperson of the State Women's Commission, Vimala Batham has sought a report from the DM on this whole matter, along with details when these women Who got pregnant and where negligence was done where such a large number of women got corona infected.

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