PM Narendra Modis birthday: 10 inspiring quotes said by the Prime Minister – PM Narendra Modi's birthday: 10 inspiring things said by the Prime Minister …


Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi (File photo).

new Delhi:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's journey from selling tea at the railway station to becoming India's most influential Prime Minister has been inspiring in itself. Here are 10 inspiring things he said on the occasion of PM Modi's birthday. The current Prime Minister of the country has become an important figure not only of India but also of the world. In his innings of politics so far, he has given many influential speeches. PM Modi not only has the amazing skill of giving speeches, but he even enchants the hearer. He has given many important speeches not only in India but also outside the country.

A look at Prime Minister Modi's birthday on 10 inspiring things he said:

  1. "India does not need to become anything else. India can only become India. This is a country that was once called a golden bird."

  2. "India is a country of youth. A country with the largest population of youth, which can change the destiny not only of India but of the world".

  3. "People's blessings and blessings give you the strength to work tirelessly. The only thing that is needed is commitment".

  4. "I was born in a very poor family. I used to sell tea at the railway station in my childhood. My mother used to wash dishes, I used to work in the house of others for living bread. I have seen poverty very closely. I I have lived in poverty. I have lived my whole childhood in poverty ".

  5. "India has to move very fast and this will be possible only when every Indian is prosperous. It is our responsibility to hold the hands of the poor."

  6. "There is nothing like failure in science. There is only effort and experiment".

  7. "We all have good and bad qualities. Only those who pay attention to virtues are successful in life".

  8. "We have to walk together, we have to move forward, we have to think together, pledge together and take this country forward together".

  9. "Perseverance and austerity are at the heart of India's values. In our glorious history, we have seen a time which slowed down our pace but did not crush our spirit. We made a comeback and achieved great milestones. That's why our civilization Is at stake ".

  10. "You can see the change you want to see, but for this you have to be who you are".


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