PM Narendra Modi says, West Bengals infrastructure development priority of my government – If BJP government is formed in Bengal, development will be for everyone, appeasement is not for anyone: PM Modi


The PM said, today, unprecedented emphasis is being laid on building modern infrastructure in the country.

Kolkata :

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that West Bengal has now made up its mind to change. He said, I assure the people of Bengal, when a BJP government is formed in Bengal, every Bengalis will be able to glorify their culture. Nobody will scare him, he will not be able to suppress him. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will work for the creation of that sonar Bangla, in which its history, culture here will become stronger by the day. Such a Bengal, where faith, spirituality and enterprise will be respected. Such a Bengal, where development will be for everyone, appeasement will not happen to anyone. Such a Bengal, which will be free from negotiation, will be employment and self-employed. PM Narendra Modi said this while addressing a rally in Hooghly on Monday.

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Addressing the people of West Bengal, the PM said, ‘This enthusiasm of your people, this enthusiasm, this energy is giving a very big message from Kolkata to Delhi. Now West Bengal has made up its mind for change. Today, Bengal is taking a big step to prove its resolve for fast development with this heroic land. He said, ‘Last time I came to give you the gift of gas connectivity, infrastructure. Today, important works to strengthen rail and metro connectivity are going to start. Modern highways, modern railways, modern airways, modern infrastructure of these countries, helped to modernize these countries, there is a big change Caused The same work should have been done decades ago in our country. But it has not happened. Now we do not have to delay any longer. We do not have to stop for a single moment. We do not have to lose a single moment.

The PM said that with this thinking, unprecedented emphasis is being laid on the construction of modern infrastructure in the country, unprecedented investment is being made. West Bengal is going to be the biggest beneficiary of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor. A part of it has also been commissioned, very soon the entire corridor will open. Which will create opportunities for industries in Bengal as well. Similarly, the benefit of the special farmer rail has been started, small farmers of West Bengal have started getting benefits very fast today. Recently the 100th Kisan Rail was run from Sangola in Maharashtra to Shalimar in West Bengal. PM Narendra Modi said in the rally, this is the land which gave us great saints like Ram Krishna Paramahamsa. Radhanath Sigar, the great mathematician who measured Mount Everest, great linguist Bhudev Mukherjee, has also had connections with such mystics. I am surprised that all the governments that have been here for so many years, they left this whole area on their own. The infrastructure and heritage of this place was allowed to be disturbed. Even as the governments remained in West Bengal, they left this historic area on their own, the infrastructure here, the heritage here was allowed to be destroyed. ” He said that Vande Mataram Bhavan where Bankimchand ji lived for 5 years says that he is in a very bad condition. That Vande Mataram who burnt new life in the freedom struggle, gave new strength to our revolutionaries, inspired the motherland to make Sujalam-Suflam. ‘Vande Mataram’, just these two words, filled the nation living in despair of slavery with new consciousness. Not being able to take the place of the creator of such immortal anthem is a great injustice to Bengal. There is a lot of politics behind this injustice. This is the politics that forces votebank instead of patriotism, appeasement instead of everybody’s development. Today, this politics prevents people from worshiping Maa Durga in Bengal, prevents their immersion. People of Bengal will never forgive such people who insult their culture for votebank politics.

The PM said that the people who talk about mother-mother-man, have become a wall in front of the development of Bengal. The central government deposits the rights of the farmers and the poor directly into their bank account. While the money of the Bengal central government schemes cannot reach the poor without the consent of the TMC’s talabas. Money has not been received due to this mentality. People sitting in the government here have taken away their rights. Water life mission is going on to deliver water from pipes to every house in the villages of the country. Efforts are made that mothers, sisters and daughters do not have to spend their time and labor in fetching water. The effort is that children can be protected from many diseases caused by polluted water. This mission is necessary for Bengal because out of one and a half and twenty five crore rural houses, only two lakh houses have water supply facility. Another example of how serious the TCC government is to provide water to the homes of the poor. Give you To provide water to every house, the central government gave more than Rs 1700 crore to TMC government. But out of this only 609 crores has been spent by the government here. Hooghly district was a hub of industries in India. There was jute industry on both sides of Hooghly, there were big factories of iron and steel, machines. It was exported on a large scale from here. But now what is the situation of Hooghly, you know very well. There was a time when the jute mills of West Bengal met most of the needs of the country. But this industry was also abandoned on its own.


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