PM Modi will not travel to the UK for the G-7 summit in June due to the Covid situation, says Foreign Ministry


Due to the situation of Corona in the country, PM Modi will not participate in the G-7 conference to be held in Britain

Due to the situation of Corona in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided not to go to Britain for G-7 summit in June next month. This information was given by the government on Tuesday. PM Modi had to go to Britain to attend the G7 conference to be held in Carnaval from 11 to 13. He was to attend the conference as a special invitee by British PM Boris Johnson. The Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said on Tuesday, “As a special invitee from the British PM Boris Johnson at the G-7 conference Appreciating the invitation to participate, it has been decided that PM Modi will not attend this conference given the current situation of Kovid.

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Significantly, the country is facing the second wave of Corona at this time. In this wave of Corona, at one time the number of new cases of daily reached four lakhs. Still more than three lakh new corona cases are being filed daily in the country. This wave of corona has also put pressure on health services.

Most of the major cities of the country are facing shortage of hospitals, beds and oxygen. In view of these conditions, the PM has decided not to attend the G-7 summit. In the last 24 hours till Tuesday morning on May 11, 3,29,942 new cases of Kovid-19 have been reported and in this period 3,876 patients have been reported. Death has occurred.

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