PM Modi warns Chief Ministers to stop the spread of bird flu – PM Modi warns Chief Ministers to stop spread of bird flu


PM Narendra Modi interacted with the Chief Ministers on Monday.

new Delhi:

Bird flu cases have spread in ten states in the country and the process of testing of hundreds of samples is going on. Amid this growing threat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) on Monday asked all the Chief Ministers that the state administration should stop it at the district level. With the increasing cases of bird flu in the country, the concern of the Government of India is also increasing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned him of this growing danger during the Corona crisis in online interactions with chief ministers.

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He said that an action plan has been prepared by the Ministry of Animal Husbandry to deal with bird flu, which is necessary to follow promptly. District magistrates also have a big role in it. I request that the Chief Minister’s companions of the affected states should also guide all the District Magistrates through the Chief Secretaries.


Modi said that the state governments in the states where the bird flu has not yet reached, will also have to be completely alert. We have to constantly monitor all the states and local administration around water bodies, in bird markets, in Zoo, Poultry Farm etc. so that the information about sickness of birds is given priority.

He said that by sending samples in time to the laboratory for bird flu investigation, the exact situation will be quickly detected and the local administration will be able to take action as fast as possible. The more co-ordination between forest department, health department and animal husbandry department, the faster we will be successful in controlling bird flu. Do not spread rumors about bird flu, we will have to see it as well. I am confident that our united efforts will pull the country out of every challenge.


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