PM modi salutes corona warriors doctors on doctors day tweets a special video – PM Modi salutes Corona Warriors on Doctors Day, tweeted a special video


PM Modi saluted the Corona Warriors on the occasion of Doctor's Day. (File photo)

Special things

  • Doctor's Day is being celebrated on 1 July
  • PM Modi tweeted for the country's doctors
  • Salute to Corona Warriors

new Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has saluted all the doctors of the country on the occasion of 'Doctors Day' being celebrated on 1 July. Especially at a time when the country is struggling badly with the Kovid-19 epidemic spread by Coronavirus. The PM said in his tweet that India salutes our doctors who are standing in the frontline in the battle against Kovid-19. The PM has also shared with him a video of the doctors working in the fight against Corona.

Also read

Let us know that earlier in April, PM Modi named the Corona Warriors to the medical staff engaged in the fight against Corona and those associated with essential services. He called upon the country to show gratitude to him that all people should show their gratitude to him by playing thali, bells or similar things from the balconies and roofs of their houses. On this call, people across the country cheered the Corona Warriors in this way. The Air Force had also showered flowers for this, which was said to be dedicated to the Corona Warriors.

PM Modi had just given an address to the country on Tuesday evening, in which he said that people are being negligent after the process of unlocking started, while at the same time everyone needs to be strict. He had said that all the guidelines are applicable in terms of security, no one has to follow them. Even if he is the leader of the country.

Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the main opposition party Congress on Doctor's Day, is also going to talk to the nurses engaged in the battle of Corona in the country on Wednesday. They will discuss their experiences and problems during this time.

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