PM Modi gives these 5 mantras to states to overcome the increasing cases of coronavirus


New Delhi:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday held a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the states to overcome the growing cases of coronaviruses in the country. PM Modi told the Chief Ministers that there is a need to make efforts on a war footing to bring down the graph of Corona. He has advocated for emphasis on testing, tracking and tracing of corona on vaccination itself. PM Modi has given these 5 important suggestions to the Chief Ministers for control of Coronavirus.

PM Modi told these 5 things

  1. Our emphasis should be on micro containment zone, night curfew. Night curfew should be encouraged like the Corona curfews, so that people are told that the epidemic is still spreading.

  2. We have to do proactive testing, that is, not only on the basis of symptoms, but also to speed up random testing, so that patients without symptoms can be identified. Patients without symptoms are infecting the whole family.

  3. Out of the total corona test, 70 per cent are RT-PCR tests and it should be ensured that the sample is taken correctly. We have to bring down the positivity rate to below 5 per cent and also keep the mortality rate under control. Data should be made available on every portal after analyzing the deaths from Corona.

  4. We have to save the waste of vaccine and give the dose on priority basis. We should organize Vaccination Festival between 11 to 14 April. We should not allow a single dose to be wasted with giving vaccines to as many people as possible.

  5. Pay attention to those who are becoming negligent against the corona virus and also fix administrative lethargy. States should call an all-party meeting and governors should also be included in it. There is a need for a comprehensive awareness campaign regarding Corona.


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