PM Modi did not take the name of China in his speech, Rahul Gandhi attacked through Urdu poetry – PM Modi did not take the name of China in his speech;


new Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the country on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not even mention the ongoing deadlock with China and the situation in Galvan Valley, where 20 of our soldiers were killed in violent clashes with Chinese soldiers. It was the sixth time since the outbreak of Coronavirus infection in the country that the Prime Minister has spoken to the nation. Today PM talked about Unlock 2, virus precautions and schemes for the poor. However, he has spoken twice in other forums on China's deadlock, one in an all-party meeting and the other during his Mann Ki Baat radio on Sunday. PM Modi today announced that the free grain distribution scheme for the 80 crore poor of India will be extended by the end of November covering Diwali and Chhath festivals.

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He also urged citizens to wear masks and observe social distances as the country has to resume economic activities. He said that due to the nationwide lockout since March 25, the lives of millions of people were saved. This was the Prime Minister's shortest address in recent months, PM Modi's 17-minute speech surprised many who were expecting a dramatic declaration about China or the war on the virus.

Today's speech of PM Modi was first criticized by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, he used a lion of Urdu to make his point. This was the same lion that was used by the late BJP leader Sushma Swaraj to target the Congress. Rahul Gandhi tweeted the lion of Urdu poet Shahab Jaffrey.

The Congress party also criticized the PM's speech, saying: "We need to move forward in symbolic ways to ban 59 Chinese apps; we are importing more from China. Is it for 20 Braves to lose their lives?" Feedback – We need more decisive decisions and real steps.

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee strongly criticized the ruling BJP, however, reiterating in a press briefing in Kolkata: "We support the Indian government's stand on China, we want to implement it."

TMC MP Mahua Moitra has also targeted PM Modi by tweeting.

Mahua Moitra said, 'I wandered around the panda in the room for seventeen minutes, why should PM ji be of some use'


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