PM Modi Calls for tika utsav from April 11 to 14 to vaccinate as many people as possible


PM Narendra Modi has laid special emphasis on stopping the vaccine waste (file photo)

New Delhi:

In a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the States to discuss the situation of Corona in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasized on increasing awareness / social distancing as well as vaccination. He said, “We can apply vaccine to more people by celebrating ‘Teeka Utsav’ between 11 to 14 April”. You should check which vaccines are available with us, we have to prioritize them. He said that it is necessary to stop waxing vestage. Can we celebrate the Teeka festival from April 11 to April 14? During this time, we vaccine more and more eligible people and target zero vestage.

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Talking to the CMs of the states, the PM said, ‘I have already said that more and more vaccine should be made available to the states. Do not be negligent even after getting the vaccine. Even after the vaccine, the use and caution of the mask is more important. States should always want an all party meeting, the governor should also be included in it.

He said that an awareness campaign should be started by involving every section of the society by including the governor. The PM said that there is no need to be afraid and at the same time we should not let people get scared. Do all possible help in getting the vaccine. ‘


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