Player Won The Race And Then Entered Under The Chairs IPS Gives Epic Reaction See Viral Video


After winning the race, the player entered under running chairs – watch video

On social media, the video of a race is becoming increasingly viral (viral video), seeing which you too will laugh and laugh. During one race, the player won and went under the chairs (Player Won The Race and Then Entered Under The Chairs). The rest of the players kept looking at him. He was so fast that he could not handle himself and fell straight under the chairs. IPS Officer Rupin Sharma shared this video on Twitter.

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It can be seen in the video that 5 players take part in the 100 meter race. As soon as the race starts, the players run. A player runs so fast that even after winning, his legs do not stop. When he finally tries to stop after leaving, he falls under the chairs.

IPS officer Rupin Sharma shared this video shared by actor Sunil Grover and wrote in the caption, ‘Where has one gone?’

See Video:

He shared this video on April 8, which has had more than 500 views so far. Also, many likes and re-tweets have been done. In the comment section, people have given such reactions …

Sunil Grover wrote while sharing the video, “When you prepare for the 200 meter race and the race turns out to be only 100 meters.”


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