Pill that tackles high blood sugar in diabetics could also protect against heart failure, study shows | High blood sugar control drug ‘Empagliflozin’ improves heart function and reduces risk of attack

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  • Pill That Tackles High Blood Sugar In Diabetics Could Also Protect Against Heart Failure, Study Shows

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Now the cases of heart spread can also be controlled with diabetes medicine. According to a recent study by the British Heart Foundation, high blood sugar control drug ‘ampagliflozin’ can save patients from heart failure. Within just three months of taking this medicine, the working capacity of the heart increases and the risk of heart failure decreases.

Weight loss and improved blood pressure
Research says that patients who participated in the trial also lost weight and improved blood pressure. Researchers say, type 2 diabetes increases the risk of heart diseases by up to three times. At the same time, one third of the people die of heart diseases.

This is how medicine works
Researchers say, the drug ‘Empagliflozin’ works by reaching the body and removing excess sugar through urine. It prevents sugar from reaching the blood, hence keeps diabetes under control. This drug will also work to reduce the risk of heart diseases in patients suffering from diabetes.

One out of every five patients dies of heart attack
According to research, one million Britons are suffering from heart diseases. Such cases occur when the heart becomes weak and its ability to pump blood decreases. Every year in the UK, one in five patients die of a heart attack. Symptoms such as difficulty in breathing and fatigue are seen in such patients.

According to new research from the University of Leeds, 18 patients suffering from type-2 diabetes were given this drug and monitored over 12 weeks. None of these patients had heart failure. Before the start of the research, the heart of these patients was confirmed to be weak.

Increased ability of the heart to pump blood
Cardiologist Dr. Sherman Thirunavukrashu, who was involved in the research, says that during the trial, it was revealed that the energy of the heart of most patients improved. Along with this, the ability of the heart to pump blood also increased. According to Dr. Sherman, this medicine also affects the heart muscle and makes it strong.

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