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Petrol Diesel Prices: Petrol and diesel prices have increased again today. (Symbolic picture)

New Delhi:

Petrol-Diesel Price Hike: Petrol prices have crossed 100 in many places in the country. But amidst the increase, there is no possibility of price cuts. Yes, fuel oil prices were stable for the last two days, but today on Tuesday, February 23, 2021, petrol and diesel prices have caught fire again. Oil marketing companies have increased oil prices today.

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Today, the prices of petrol have been increased by 35 to 38 and diesel prices by 34 to 35 paise. Let us know that petrol is running beyond Rs 90 per liter in all the big cities of the country.

After today’s increase, petrol in Delhi is Rs 90.93 per liter and diesel prices are Rs 81.32 per liter. Petrol in Mumbai has reached Rs 97.34 per liter. At the same time, diesel is being sold here at Rs 88.44 per liter. Talking about Chennai, the price of petrol is Rs 92.90 per liter, while diesel is being sold at Rs 86.31 per liter. Petrol in Kolkata costs Rs 91.12 per liter and diesel costs Rs 84.20 per liter.

Let us know that in different states of the country, opposition parties are protesting against rising prices. A public interest litigation has also been filed in the Madhya Pradesh High Court against the rising prices of petrol and diesel on Monday, in which the petitioner has claimed that consumers have to pay heavy tax on ethanol added to petrol and diesel.

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In the country, oil prices are revised every day at 6 am because petrol-diesel prices in the country change every day according to crude oil prices and foreign exchange rates. These new prices are applicable to every petrol pump in the country from 6 am everyday.


You can know the prices of petrol and diesel every day from your phone through an SMS. For this, you can send SMS to the mobile number 9224992249 under the Indian Oil SMS service. Your message will be something like this- RSP Petrol Pump Dealer Code.

You can check the RSP code of your area by visiting the site. After sending this message, the latest fuel price information will come in your phone.


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