Petrol Diesel Prices Cross 100 Rs Per Liter IFS Officer Shares Funny Video – Petrol price reaches Rs 100, then man reaches petrol pump … pipe caught


Petrol price reached 100 rupees, then the man reached the petrol pump, he held something like this – see video

Petrol-Diesel Price Hike: Petrol prices have reached beyond 100 in many places in the country. Meanwhile, a funny video is becoming viral on social media. When the price of petrol crossed Rs 100 (Petrol touches 100 / liter Rs), the man reached the petrol pump with the car and took petrol out of the pipe and put it in the tank. This video is being shared on other social media platforms. People are laughing and watching this video. This video has been shared by Indian Forest Officer Praveen Angusamy.

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It can be seen in the video that the employee fills petrol in the car at the petrol pump. After that the car driver grabs the pipe and after dropping it out of it, fills the tank. He did not leave the pipe until the whole petrol came out of it.

While sharing the video, Praveen Angusamy wrote in the caption, ‘When the price of petrol goes up to Rs 100 per liter.’

See Video:

He shared this video on February 20, which has so far had more than 11 thousand views. Also, more than a thousand likes and more than 100 re-tweets have been done. In the comment section, people have given fun reactions ….



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