Pet cat was missing later found inside huge snake stomach


Pet cat was lost, found in snake’s stomach after finding a lot

A strange incident has occurred with the family of Thailand (Thailand). Actually, a cat was raised in this family, which was lost somewhere in the house, all the members of the house were upset to find it. Kanchi Nard and his 11-year-old baby girl Gracia have been looking for their cat Ho Jun) for a long time. He was very upset. During this time, her girl noticed that a huge snake is roaming in her house.

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What was it then, as soon as the girl saw the snake, she screamed out of fear. On seeing the snake, the mother understood that this snake has swallowed her cat. Mother Kanchi shared the grief of snake swallowing her cat with everyone on Facebook. So far, more than 55 thousand likes have come on his post.

In the photo shared by him, you can see that by seeing the snake, it is clearly known that he has swallowed the cat. Because his stomach has become very big. Sharing their grief, a user also offered a cat to the family in a comment, which they can adopt for free.

According to the Nard, the snake was later evicted from his house by a team of emergency personnel. Let us tell you that in the year 2018, a family in Australia had to suffer a similar loss, when their Python swallows pet cat Had taken.


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