People involved in snow removal work to reach hospital-cemetery in Kashmir, administration missing


People angry at the negligence of Jammu and Kashmir administration are removing snow from the streets themselves

new Delhi:

Due to heavy snowfall in Kashmir, road and air connectivity has been broken and life has come to a standstill. At the same time, the administration of the Union Territory is facing heavy criticism for not removing snow from the road. Since last one week Heavy snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir Due to this, ambulances carrying patients are not able to reach the hospital. For this reason, people are walking for miles to take patients to the hospital.

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After the death of people, even to go to the cemetery, they have to face such miseries. Common residents of Kashmir say that Army and Air Force personnel are coming forward to help during the snowfall, but the local administration people are nowhere to be seen. Troubled people have taken the responsibility of Shoveling Snow from Road on their shoulders. Due to the absence of ambulances, the Timardars themselves are taking patients to hospitals on foot.

A person in Shopian told NewsBust, “Both young and old are engaged in the task of clearing the snow from the road. We are doing this with our own hands. There is no help from the government. Due to snowfall, the people of the village took the dead body of a dead person to the cemetery on foot 10 miles away. It is not a problem in one place. Parminder Singh himself was seen removing snow from the road near Aluchi Bagh in Srinagar, as he had to go to his father for dialysis. Parminder says that there is no help from the municipal administration. We could not take him for dialysis for the last eight days and because of this we had to take up this responsibility ourselves.


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