People in Varanasi, troubled by water logging, took hostage of their own councilor – People troubled by water logging in Varanasi took their own councilor hostage after being free from administration


People took the councilor hostage.

Varanasi :

After being disturbed by the sewer drainage in Varanasi, after taking control of the administrative system, people took their own councilor hostage in a unique way to convey their voice. On Friday, the councilor was chained for several hours and kept sitting in the same sewer water. People are angry that they have been struggling with this problem for years, but no one can take care of them.

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This is Ambia Mandi Gali of Baluvabir area of ​​Varanasi, here, there is no one but the councilor Tufail Ansari, who is tied on a chair amidst sewer water. For years, when the voice of the people forced to live in the water of the sewer was not heard, they took their representative hostage in the same water and the councilors themselves are doing this.

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Tufail Ansari said, ‘Our area in Baluva Bir Ward No. 79 which has continuous water logging near Ambia Mandi transformer. The problem remains about which the public is very angry and around 20 to 25 houses here are full of water. The family here does not get out of their house to take medicine away from their home and we promise them again and again that there is no hearing, the public has taken us hostage.

In fact, this problem of sewer water in this area is years old, due to this, the tap water coming into the house also gets contaminated due to which people are also getting sick. Local citizen Mo Shoaib said, ’25 to 40 homes are very worried because of malaria. Food poisoning is happening; the water that is coming is coming dirty. The dirty water is coming through pip. We were sent to the councilor yesterday, we were also taken hostage. Today is not a problem, we have been facing it for almost 10 years now.

It is not that the hostage councilor did not try to solve the problem. He also fought a long battle to get his work order passed, but still the work did not work for him, and the defeated councilors are saying that if we can do public work only by taking us hostage, then it is also acceptable to them.


Tufail Ansari said, ‘From here, the entire work order has been made to get our new sewer line 80 meters but we are cooked on some pretext and we are facing problems. The regional public is very worried about this. We the regional people took us hostage for this, we are ready to work for them 24 hours. If we make them work by holding us hostage, we fully respect the people of the area.

Where the councilor is unable to do a small work, it can be guessed that how is the administrative staff of Varanasi. Not only sewer water, the condition of cleaning the city is also the same. From this, guess what is the condition of Banaras who can fill the smart city.


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