People in rural areas not going hospital taking treatment under trees in an orange orchard


People from villages being treated under trees in an orange orchard.

New Delhi:

Hospitals are in bad shape due to increasing cases of corona across the country. Due to increase in the number of patients of Corona, beds in hospitals have been reduced, due to which many patients are facing difficulties in getting their treatment. Health services are in a state of disarray due to the increasing number of Corona patients. At the same time, the condition is that in Susner, the hawkish doctors are hanging bottles on the tree and offering sline to the patients. This case is about half a kilometer away from village Dhanyakhedi on the road leading from Susner to Pidawa Rajasthan.

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According to the information, here private doctors are treating patients by laying carcasses and cartoons in an orange orchard located 200 meters from the main road. They are lining the patients under the tree and hanging bottles on it, offering a sline to the sick. Surprisingly, at this place, patients from around 10 villages are reaching here to get their treatment in large numbers.

The patients being treated are neither afraid of corona nor is it necessary for them to have a distance of 2 yards and a mask.

Asked by the patients present here, they said that they are afraid that if they go for treatment in government hospitals, they will be admitted to the Corona ward. Due to this fear, people of rural areas are putting their lives at risk in this way by relying on hawk doctors.


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