Paytm App Removed | What is Google Play Gambling Policy? What Are Google Play Store Rules? All You Need To Know In Simple Words In Hindi | Paytm vs Google: How Paytm Became a 'Gambling App' for Google? Everything you need to know

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  • Paytm App Removed | What Is Google Play Gambling Policy? What Are Google Play Store Rules? All You Need To Know In Simple Words In Hindi

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On September 18, Google removed India's most popular payments app Paytm for a few hours from its Play Store. Google alleged that Paytm violated its Play Store policy. From this, it seemed that Paytm was promoting 'sports gambling' with its app. Because of this, he has been removed under Indian law and Google's policy.

After this, Paytm also hit back that Google and its employees are making policy above the law of our country. Applying them arbitrarily. Paytm argues – how can Google call any UPI cashback as 'online casino'? Interestingly, Paytm's competitor, Google Pay, is also running a similar campaign through the 'Tej Shorts' game. Here we are explaining the whole matter for you-

Was Paytm Wrongly Targeted?

A report quoted Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma as saying that 'this is a concern of every regulator and government in our country as our app is not a gambling app. When the features of Google Pay and Paytm are the same, then why is Paytm targeted, there is no answer.

What does Google have to say on this issue?

According to Google, "Offering cashback and vouchers does not violate our Google Play gambling policy. Last week we reiterated our play store's gambling policy. Our policy does not allow online casinos. We do not support unregulated gambling apps that offer sports betting including any fantasy sports in India. We implement our policy thoughtfully and try to provide a safe and secure environment to consumers. Our policy is the same for all developers.

Was 'Paytm Cricket League' the only reason for Google's ban?

Paytm says that it launched 'Paytm Cricket League' on its app on 11 September and for this reason Google removed it from the Google Play Store.

Was the Paytm Cricket League related to UPI Cashbox?

According to Paytm, Paytm Cricket League is a campaign where users can collect cricket stickers and scratch cards. You can get UPI cashbacks from it. The offers were on recharge, utility payments, UPI money transfer and transferring money to Paytm wallet.

How do Paytm Cricket League cashbacks work?

According to Paytm, users collect cricket based stickers on payments like recharge, money transfer, bill payments etc. By collecting stickers, users can win sweepstakes cashback. Users can also gift these stickers to their friends.

Did Google remove Paytm without warning?

Paytm claims that it has not received any warning from Google. The reason Google gave Paytm is: "There is content on your app that does not follow the rules of the gambling policy and offers loyalty points that are (1) being taken from real-money purchases (2) Later it can be converted into real rupee. '

Has Paytm not broken any law on cashbacks?

Paytm said in a blog post that our cashback campaign is based on the guidelines laid down in the laws of this country. We did not break any rules and did not violate the law. It is not associated with gambling in any way.

Is Google doing a similar campaign?

Paytm alleges that Google Pay is offering a similar cashback. Paytm said, 'Google Pay started the fast shorts campaign at the beginning of the cricket season. He says make runs and get a reward of up to one lakh rupees. Users earn vouchers. Can unlock on each achievement. Lucky qualifies for the draw through which they can get assured tickets of up to Rs 1 lakh. One can also get rewards and discounts ranging from 50 to 1,000 plus for different scores. This kind of cashback campaign on Google Pay does not violate the policy of Play Store because Google imposes different rules on its apps.

What does Paytm say on policy violations?

Paytm argues that gambling is not to increase traffic or promote fantasy sports. According to Google's policy, Paytm First Games can promote paid on YouTube but its ad cannot be run on Paytm app, what happened? Google Play gave us three written warnings (on 20 August, 28 August and 1 September). On different issue related to promotion of Paytm First Games on Paytm app. We completely refute the allegation that we have violated the policy in some way. We immediately stopped promoting our own gaming subsidiary and removed it from the app.

Are Fantasy Games Really Gambling?

  • Online gambling is a very complex subject. There is the issue of skill, chance and strict regulation. There are many problems in the policy also due to the disturbances of the policy regulation and the different attitude towards gambling in each state of India.
  • Since 1960, the Supreme Court Judgment has been saying that the skill of skill is very much in games like poker and rummy. Here the Element of Chance lags behind. Because of this, both games have been called skill-based card games. In this case, when these games are played for steak, they are kept separate from the anti-gambling regulation.
  • However, gambling is a matter of states. Different states have different rules for this. Some states, including Telangana and Odisha, have banned card games involving the real rupee. In states such as Sikkim and Nagaland, the governments there have kept out of the ambit of gambling to put money on the skill. For such games, online portals are required to obtain a license to play games within the boundaries of those states. Even the IPL sponsor Dream 11 has been challenged in the Supreme Court.


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