Patrick Sheik scored an amazing goal, but don’t expect it to happen every time | Czech Republic’s Patrick Scores An Astonishing Goal, But Don’t Expect It To Be Every Time

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  • Patrick Sheik Scored An Amazing Goal, But Don’t Expect It To Happen Every Time

New Delhi18 minutes agoAuthor: Sundar Saktawat

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Patrick Schek of the Czech Republic celebrates after scoring a goal.

On the fourth day of the Euro Cup, there was a lot of discussion about the wonder goal of Patrick Schek of the Czech Republic. It was an astonishing goal and international competitions keep looking for such moments to add to their brilliance. Maybe this goal will win the title of the best goal of the tournament. First of all, Patrick’s courage should be commended, which he decided to shoot from the half-line. In this his vision, technique of curl and perfect weight placed on the ball were commendable.

Nevertheless, new fans and spectators of football should not get too excited by such goals, as they are rare and only a few successfully hit in a decade. Goals such as overhead kicks, backheels, half-line shots dominate the imagination of new and young football fans, but the fact is that players usually do not practice them during training sessions. At the same time, coaches also do not train their players to shoot from the half-line, as it is considered a daring and costly method, which can also destroy an opportunity.

In fact, long-balls are called squat-style football, and the sophisticated style demands a central build-up game and a step-by-step construction of the goal. In this sense, a header goal from Patrick Scheak in the same match would be considered closer to footballing-esthetics.

In the second match of Match-Day Four, Europe’s number one striker Rober Lewandowski was playing for Poland, but his team suffered a loss. Lewandowski himself has not been as promising in international football in the past, scoring a string of goals while playing for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. This is another hallmark of the fact that football is a game played in certain systems, which are heavily practiced by players during training sessions. From this individual characteristics emerge as a symbiosis by becoming a collective effort. A good striker is only as good as his or her midfield.

Football is not a sport of individual brilliance in the sense that a player wins matches or tournaments by standing alone like a beacon of light. Pele may have been the most talked about star in the 1970 world-winning Brazil team, but he was not their only hero. Diego Maradona’s performance at the 1986 World Cup is considered one of the best examples of individual brilliance, but Maradona could not have done this without the back-breaking work of the defense line and the help of forwards such as Valdano-Buruchaga. After all, it was Buruchaga who scored the deciding goal in the 1986 World Cup final.

In the third match of the match-day, Spain played out a goalless draw with Sweden. Lui Enrique’s team is nowhere to be found in comparison to the great Spanish teams of the past and their attack line, led by lvaro Morata, doesn’t hold much hope. But all eyes will be on the Match-Day Five when the two tournament favorites France and Germany take the lead. The defending champions Portugal team will also take the field against Hungary. Both of them will be up against Group F, which is definitely the Group of Death this time.

Incidentally, competitions for the Copa are also taking place in South America. Argentina played their match with Chile in a 1–1 draw. Argentine captain Leo Messi scored an unsurpassed goal on the free-kick. It was his 57th successful free-kick; no one else has scored more free-kick goals than Leo among the players currently playing.

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