Patients with COVID-19 are SEVEN TIMES more likely to suffer Bell’s palsy – which causes facial paralysis – than those who receive the vaccine, study finds | The risk of paralysis on the face in corona patients is 7 times more, the face hangs and one eye cannot be closed, know what is the disease

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  • Patients With COVID 19 Are SEVEN TIMES More Likely To Suffer Bell’s Palsy Which Causes Facial Paralysis Than Those Who Receive The Vaccine, Study Finds

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Bell’s palsy is a disease associated with muscle weakness and paralysis. Its effect is visible on the face of the patient. Facial muscles become weak. Half the face seems to be hanging.

Corona patients are 7 times more likely to have facial paralysis than those taking the vaccine. In scientific language, this disease is called Bell’s Palsy. Scientists say that there is a risk of Bell’s polisy even among those who take the vaccine, but its cases are very less. This claim has been made by scientists from University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

82 cases were reported for 1 lakh patients
According to research, 82 cases of Bell’s palsy were reported on 1 lakh corona patients. At the same time, only 19 such cases were reported out of 1 lakh people who took the vaccine. Scientists say that it is necessary to get the vaccine also because it is necessary to protect oneself from paralysis.

New research says, researchers have found 284 Bell’s palsy patients out of 3,48,000 corona victims. Of these, 54 percent of the patients did not have a history of Bell’s palsy. 46 percent of the patients had suffered from this disease before.

What is Bell’s Palsy

  • Bell’s palsy is a disease associated with muscle weakness and paralysis. Its effect is visible on the face of the patient. The smile on half of the patient’s face is affected and one eye cannot be closed. Facial muscles become weak. Half the face is seen hanging.
  • Such symptoms last for some time, with treatment, these symptoms gradually stop appearing. Recovery takes place in 6 months. In some patients, its symptoms appear for a long time.
  • What is the reason for the paralysis on the face, it is not yet known. Some scientists believe that an over-reaction in the immune system that protects the body from diseases causes inflammation and nerve damage. As a result, there is a bad effect on the movement of the face.
  • According to experts at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Bell’s palsy can be related to diabetes, high blood pressure, injury or infection.
  • Every year in America, 15 to 30 cases out of 1 thousand people come in front of it.

Cases surfaced in vaccine trials
Cases of Bell’s palsy have also been reported in Pfizer and Moderna’s Kovid vaccine trials. Out of about 74,000 patients of Corona, 37 thousand had taken the vaccine. Of these, 8 had Bell’s palsy.

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