Passenger stripped off his clothes on AirAsia flight, misbehaving with the staff of the aircraft: Report


After disembarking the AirAsia flight, the passenger was handed over to the police (symbolic)

New Delhi:

Going from Bengaluru to Delhi AirAsia Flight During a flight on AirAsia Flight, a very embarrassing incident came to light when a passenger took off all his clothes amid a heated argument with the staff of the aircraft. Air Asia India (AirAsia India) spokesperson said that the intoxicated passenger misbehaved with the cabin crew during the flight from Bangalore to New Delhi and stripped him naked.

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According to the report, this incident happened on Air Asia’s flight i5-722 on Tuesday, when she was going from Bangalore to Delhi. A passenger aboard the same flight told ANI, first that passenger started arguing with the staff of the aircraft about the life jacket. Then he misbehaved with them and suddenly took off all his clothes in the flight. This left the passengers aboard the plane speechless. Many women and children were also on board the plane. Confirming the incident, an Air Asia India spokesperson said, “On April 6, the passenger boarding a Bangalore-Delhi flight behaved in a wrong way.” He was advised to calm down many times, but many times he agreed only after instructions.

The crew members of the Air Asia Flight handled it with the help of other passengers and also informed the pilot about the incident. Pilot Delhi Air Traffic Controller Contact Shuffle and asked for permission for an early landing. As soon as the plane landed, the passenger was handed over to the CISF deployed in the security of the airport. The spokesman said that this case was also brought to the notice of the officials of Delhi Airport. Legal action has been taken against that passenger under the law related to the safety and care of passengers in the aircraft.

The airline says that it follows a policy of zero tolerance towards the safety and care of passengers and cabin crew. Any kind of misconduct or chaos in the flight is not tolerated at all. Delhi police has registered a case against the accused passenger in this case. But the airline has not yet put him on the no fly list, so that he can be prevented from taking any further air travel.


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