Parliament News: Health minister Harshvardhan has to face many sharp questions of opposition on coronavirus in Rajya Sabha


Union Health Minister Harshvardhan (Health Minister Harshvardhan) – File photo

new Delhi:

Despite efforts by the government, the number of coronavirus infected people in the country has crossed 50 lakh. Many questions are being raised on the government's failure to prevent the Corona epidemic and its strategy. During the discussion on the corona in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, Health Minister Harshvardhan had to face many sharp questions of the opposition. The opposition also questioned the failure of the Labor Minister to present figures in the Parliament on the death of migrant workers.

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Trinamool Congress leader Derek O'Brien said, for every hundred rupees spent on health, public expenditure, 63 rupees is spent by the state government, 37 rupees is spent by the Center and the problem is when things go well If you want to get credit. If not, do you start talking about the Chief Minister and the bulldozer?

BJP leader Vinay Sahasrabuddhe told the Rajya Sabha, "The Prime Minister and the Cabinet Secretary have consulted the state governments at least 15 times about the lockdown … no chief minister has said that the lockdown should not be imposed."

BJD leader Prasanna Acharya said, "Many states are facing financial crisis. Many GST Compensation Funds and other dues are pending with the Center. I appeal to the Center to withdraw all the dues to the states immediately. ''

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Questioning the government's strategy to stop the epidemic, Congress leader Anand Sharma said, "Just putting the lockdown on 4 hours notice caused a lot of trouble to the common people, Corona would not have reached the villages if the government's strategy was correct." Deputy Leader of the Opposition Anand Sharma further said, "The way it was said in Parliament that how many migrant workers were killed, there are no figures. This is unfortunate. Why don't you have the figures? Every affected migrant worker should be compensated." ''

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On the other hand, the Labor Minister Santosh Gangwar maintains that the government does not have data on how many migrant workers died during the Corona crisis. The Ministry of Labor claims that the Municipal Authorities collect data of death and birth in the district, but the mechanism that they have is there is no provision to collect the information of death of migrant workers separately. Therefore, it would be wrong for the Ministry of Labor to question the intention on this issue. All eyes are now on Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, who will clear the government's stand on the Corona crisis in Parliament on Thursday.


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