Paris Hilton Video of Celebrating Birthday with Tortoise and Lemurs


Paris Hilton Video’s video goes viral

New Delhi :

Socialite and Hollywood actress Paris Hilton celebrated her 40th birthday on 17 February. Paris Hilton celebrated the occasion of her birthday in a special way. He celebrated his birthday with cute animals. Paris Hilton Video has shared several videos on her Instagram, in which she is seen with her boyfriend. This video of Paris Hilton has been viewed more than three lakh times and her style is also liked by the fans.

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Paris Hilton shared this video and wrote, ‘Birthday trip with Lemur and other animals with my love. I love animals and I have had many lives over the years! Can you name them all?

Let us know that Paris Hilton, the famous face of Hollywood, has been seen in ‘House of Wax’, ‘Wishman’ and ‘The Hotty and Naughty’. She has also appeared in several TV series. Paris Hilton also sing and one of her albums has also been released. Paris is the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, owner of Hilton Hotels, and lives a very luxurious life and always makes headlines on social media.


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