Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said students lost a year of their lives due to COVID but learned many lessons


He said that children and youth had to suffer a lot due to Kovid-19, but the epidemic also made them realize the strength of joint family and their role in building children’s lives.

Replying to a question about the damage done to students due to Corona epidemic, Modi said, “We can say that students lost a year due to Kovid-19 but they also got many lessons due to this epidemic.”

He said, “The epidemic taught us to fight against the sudden incident.” People felt that we should not accept destiny only to go to school and office every day. ”

The Prime Minister said, “If we have lost a lot during the Corona period, we have gained a lot. We should remember the lessons learned from this till our lifetime. ”

He said that the first lesson of the Corona period is that he realized the importance of the role of the people in his life during which the children felt lacking during this period.

He said, “Another thing also happened during the Corona period that we have understood each other more closely in the family. Corona forced social distance but it also strengthened the emotional attachment among families. The Corona period has also shown what is the strength of a joint family and how much role they play in building the lives of the children of the household. ”

The Prime Minister requested researchers and universities involved in sociology that they should study or research the society, the changes in life and the role of joint families in combating this crisis, from the Corona crisis.

It is noteworthy that in view of the spread of Corona epidemic, all the schools across the country were closed in the month of March last year. Online studies were started for this to not affect the education of children.

When the cases of corona virus infection decreased in the country, then gradually schools started coming up. But once again in view of the rapid spread of this epidemic, the school had to be closed again.

The board exams of class X and X are normally held in February-March, but in view of Kovid-19, it has been decided to hold them in May-June.

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