Panchayat Chunav: Coronavirus spread in villages of UP


Corona cases have increased in UP villages due to panchayat elections (symbolic photo)

In Parwana village of Bulandshahr in U.P. Panchayat Elections During the course of 15 days more than one and a half dozen people have died. He had symptoms like Kovid but was not tested for Kovid. After so many deaths in a village, the corona test campaign has been started by making Munadi here today. When the NewsBust team reached Parwana village, about 18 KM away from Bulandshahar, the announcement to make Corona check was echoing in the air from afar. First of all we reached Nazakat Saifi’s house. 28-year-old Nazakat used to work as a carpenter in Faridabad. In the last lockdown, the company was shut down and started its work in the village. During this time I got sick, there was difficulty in breathing. He was admitted to two hospitals but died on 22 April.

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Nazaqat’s brother Sharafat Ali says, ‘The treatment was not found, so he had a heart problem. Heart attack He never had a heart problem. His blood pressure was never high. Normal situation. Went on a bike for treatment and not in an ambulance. In the village of Parwana, the pyre of Bhuro Devi is being burnt. He is also suspected to have died due to Corona. The villagers gave us a list of 18 people in the village and pictures of many people who according to them died of spreading corona during the panchayat elections, 16-year-old Sumit was one of them. He was taken to two hospitals but could not see the seventeenth year of his age. Sumit’s father Sardar Singh said, ‘immediately took him to Aurangabad. After being taken to Aurangabad, he was given a drip. After the drip, he suddenly had pain. In pain, the doctor injected him, but there was no relief from him. Then we took him to another hospital. There too, he drip, injected. No relief was found there either. Then we were taking him by ambulance. He died after going round the road.

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The Shiv temple of Parwana is being appealed to conduct a corona investigation for the people of the village. The Health Department team has reached here to investigate, but without investigation, the official cause of their deaths will not be known. . CMO of Buland city Bhavatosh Gangwar said, ‘A team has been deployed. You will check every single person in the entire village. If anyone has any trouble, medicine will also be distributed for them somewhere. They will also be investigated related to the corona. It will also be investigated whether there is any other reason for the death. Kovid protocol was not followed in most parts of the state in panchayat elections. First the campaigning, then the voting and then the counting continued to be crowded at every stage. Not only this, large scale migrant laborers were also called to vote by paying rent, which brought Corona from outside and spread to the villages.

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