Pakistani navy entered into Indian waters and kidnapped 45 fishermen, also took 8 boats of fishermen | Pakistan's Navy has penetrated into the Indian coast and abducted 45 fishermen, also took 8 boats.

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  • Pakistani Navy Entered Into Indian Waters And Kidnapped 45 Fishermen, Also Took 8 Boats Of Fishermen

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The Pakistani navy carried Indian fishermen's boats from Porbandar Port. 45 fishermen are reported to be taken to Karachi Port. (Symbolic)

In the midst of the ongoing tension between India and China, provocative action was also done by Pakistan. On Wednesday, the Pakistan Navy entered the Indian waters off Gujarat and targeted fishermen. All the 45 fishermen in the 8 boats carried with them. These included 6 boats of Porbandar and 2 of Veraval. According to the information, all the fishermen have been taken to Karachi port.

Family seeks government help
Fishermen of Gujarat are angry with this action of Pakistani Navy. He demanded intervention from the central government. The fishermen who survived the capture of the Pakistan Navy told that they were catching fish within the Indian waters. Meanwhile, the Pakistani Navy took his companions hostage and took them with him.

Gujarat has a long maritime border with Pakistan. The Indian Coast Guard has also become cautious on this action of Pakistan.

17 fishermen were taken hostage earlier also
The Pakistan Coast Guard similarly took 17 Saurashtra fishermen hostage along with their 3 boats on 17 February. Currently, they are all lodged in Karachi jail. The Pakistani Navy claimed that these fishermen had entered Pakistan's waters. Earlier on February 13, the Pakistan Coast Guard opened fire on Indian fishermen. However there were no casualties in the firing.



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