Pakistani Cafe Owners Called Out for Mocking Manager for Poor English See Viral Video Twitter Users Slammed Them – Two women in Pakistan mocked the cafe manager’s English, fiercely


Two women in Pakistan mocked the cafe manager’s English – watch video

Two female mistresses of Famous Cafe in Pakistan made fun of their manager’s English (Pakistani Cafe Owners Mocking Manager’s English). The video is becoming quite viral on social media. He apologized after a big uproar. In the one minute and 18 second clip, the women present themselves as Uzma and Diya. He told that he owns Cafe Cannoli in Islamabad. She asks her nine-year-old cafe manager to present herself in English and then laughs because, he struggles to speak in a language in which she is clearly not comfortable.

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After the video went viral, the women faced severe criticism on social media and became one of the #BoycottCannoli top trends in Pakistan. In the video, Uzma and Dia reveal that manager Aves has worked with them for nine years. Diya asks, “How many classes have you taken for English?” Aves replied that he has studied three English courses during a year and a half.

Uzma says, ‘So can you please talk to everyone in English?’ The video shows two women laughing as they begin to speak broken English on request. One of them says in a funny tone, ‘This is that beautiful English, which they speak.’ Then the other woman says, “This is what we paid for.”

While sharing the video, a Twitter user wrote, ‘This is so sad. Class Privilege, Colonial Hangover and the dominance of the Pakistani elite .. all in one clip. The manager here proved to be a hero. Hats off to his hard work.

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It has been viewed 8.5 million times on the microblogging platform. The footage angered hundreds of Twitter users. One user wrote, ‘Now I will talk in this restaurant in Punjabi’ people decided to boycott his restaurant. #BoycottCannoli started trending top on Twitter.

As the backlash progressed, Cannoli’s official page gave a variety of explanations. He said, “We are saddened and disappointed with the response of the people. This video is being shown incorrectly. We were gossiping with our employee. But it was presented in a negative way. If we hurt you If done, we apologize.



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