Pakistan TikTok | Pakistan TikTok star Adil Rajputs wife faked her husband death to increase followers. | In order to increase followers, the TikTok star made a fake video of her husband's death, people came home to mourn

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  • Pakistan TikTok | Pakistan TikTok Star Adil Rajputs Wife Faked Her Husband Death To Increase Followers.

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The photo is of Pakistan's Tiktok star Adil Rajput and his wife. The wife went viral to spread the false news of his death to increase followers of Adil. (File photo)

  • Adil Rajput is a famous Tiktok artist from Pakistan, his wife made a fake video to increase followers
  • Hearing the news of Adil's death, people on social media expressed grief, after some time the truth came out.

In order to increase followers on Tittock, a woman in Pakistan committed the wrong thing. She spread false news of her husband's death. The husband is already a Ticketock star. After the truth came out, people are now demanding to file a case against the woman.

The name of the Tittock star is Adil Rajput. The exact name of Adil's wife could not be verified. Her name is being described in Pakistani media as Farah Rajput and Heena Salim. Adil has 26 lakh followers at Tiktok.

What is the matter?
According to 'Geo News', Adil Rajput Rahim resides in Yar Khan's Rashidabad city. It comes in the province of Punjab. Adil became famous on Tiktok because of his videos. He has around 2.6 million followers on this platform. A bad news came for Adil's fans on Tuesday morning. His wife released a video of her crying. It was told that Adil died in a car accident. In a short time Adil's loved ones i.e. fans and relatives gathered outside his house. The news spread to the fire through social media. News of Adil's death was announced from some mosques.

Lie caught in a few hours
The case was increasing. Meanwhile, Adil reached in front of the crowd After this, the whole matter was opened. People understood the truth. It turned out that Adil's wife had composed the play to increase her husband's followers. Adil's wife's name has been mentioned separately in media reports. In some reports, he has been described as Farah Rajput and in some, Heena Salim. Now people are demanding a case loan against this woman for playing with emotions.

Demand for ban on Tittock

Last month, the government of Pakistan banned China's social media app Weibo. He was accused of promoting pornography and crime. Now the demand for ban is also rising on Tiktok and YouTube. Particularly, parties built on the religious foundation are pressuring the government to immediately stop these apps. However, the final decision has not been made yet. After the latest case, the demand for banning Ticketcock once again may pick up.



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