Owl entered in a helicopter extinguishing a fire in California, see Viral Photo

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Owl sitting silently in California extinguishing fire.

new Delhi:

California (California) The crews of the helicopters spraying water to extinguish the fire in the forests were swollen to see a new problem. It happened that an owl (OWL) entered the helicopter amidst the fumes of smoke, perhaps he was also struggling to save his life. Pictures of owls sitting peacefully in a helicopter became viral on social media. Everyone appeared to praise the owl’s prudence, not the pilot.

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Sky Aviation, which is monitoring the helicopter, said that the incident of owl entering the helicopter during the flight was a surprise as the bird is away from the crowd. According to an ABC News report, helicopter pilot Dan Elpinar wrote on Facebook that he was engaged in a fire-fighting exercise between Fresno and Madera counties to see if the owl entered or sat near the window of peace Gone.

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The pilot feared that the owl might not enter the cockpit and cause some trouble. However, nothing of this sort happened. The owl behaved well and kept watching everything silently during the flight. The owl also flew slowly when the helicopter came out of the smoky area. Alpiner said that if he did not have a picture of the owl sitting silently, no one would have believed his story.

Funny comments were also found on viral pictures on Facebook. One user wrote that perhaps the owl had come to call the pilot engaged in saving people’s lives. Another commented that it sat in a helicopter for safe travel and behaved like a good passenger. According to Cal Fire, Beach Creek Foyer has spread over 541 square kilometers from Madero, California to Fresno County. 23 people have been injured in this and more than 900 houses have been damaged.

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