Over 100 guests gathered at wedding ceremony, police imposed fine of one lakh rupees for the first time | Corona guideline stripped in Rajasthan’s home district of CM Gehlot, hundreds of people gathered for marriage


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Jodhpur27 minutes ago

People dine at the wedding ceremony held in Kankelav village, Jodhpur district.

More than 2 thousand new corona cases are being found daily in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Despite this, people are negligent. A gathering of hundreds of people was present here on Monday night, ignoring the Corona Guideline. When the police raided, most of the people there did not even put on masks. The organizer was then fined one lakh rupees. This is the first case of such a large fine in Jodhpur.

Jodhpur is the home district of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Dangiawas Thanadikari said that marriage of Ramchandra Paliwal was reported in Kankelav village. When we arrived to investigate, the view there was shocking. Did not seem to know that it is coronary. A large number of people were gathering and eating food. Unlike the guideline, if there were more than 100 people, an invoice of Rs 1 lakh was deducted under the new guide line. Also, removed most of the people from there.

Possible arrest due to non-payment of penalty
According to the police, if a deposit of Rs 1 lakh is not deposited, a case will be registered under the epidemic act. It also arrests the accused. Also, it has a provision of punishment of up to 3 years. Till now in Jodhpur most of the cases were being fined 25 thousand rupees.

Only 31 guests are allowed in the wedding
To break the Corona infection chain, the state government has implemented the epidemic Red Alert Public Discipline Fortnight. The maximum number of guests at the wedding ceremony has been set at 31 in Corona’s new guide line. Action is taken under the epidemic act if more people are called.


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