Our small carelessness during the Navratri fast in Corona may be overshadowed; Learn how to do Navratri fast in Corona, what things to keep in mind? | Our little carelessness can be overwhelming; How to do Navratri fast in epidemic, what to keep in mind?

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  • Our Small Carelessness During The Navratri Fast In Corona May Be Overshadowed; Learn How To Do Navratri Fast In Corona, What Things To Keep In Mind?

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This time’s Navratri is not like every time. The Navratri of this time has come when the whole country is fighting with the coronavirus. We are paying much attention to our food and health. In this era, we are in dire need of a strong immune system and energy. In such a situation, keeping Navratri fast this time is not less than a challenge. But we all know that our country is a country of faith and trust, so the fast keepers are keeping fast. But, what can we do and eat even during the fast, which will keep our immune system strong?

According to dietician Dr. Nidhi Pandey in Raipur, during this time of Navratri, we have to avoid eating a lot of things that we usually eat in fasts. Like – potatoes and fried things. We should pay more attention to those things which give us energy and nutrition. Apart from dry fruits, honey and lemon, it is necessary to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

1- Avoiding fried

  • People eat potatoes the most during Navratri. Falahari dish prepared by frying potatoes in ghee is very common. While eating large quantities of fried potatoes, potato chips and other things made from potatoes is not right. According to Dr. Nidhi Pandey, potatoes contain a lot of fat and calories. There is also a lot of fat in oil and ghee. That means fried potato eaters are consuming more fat than required. Doing so can cause abdominal pain and gas problems.

2- Do not drink too much tea

  • Tea is considered compulsory beverages during the fast. In coronavirus, we need a strong immune system which will not be available with tea.
  • According to expert Dr. Nidhi our stomach is empty. Drinking empty stomach tea can cause constipation, gastric and acidity problems in the stomach. Therefore, do not drink tea frequently during the fast.

3- Use sugar and honey

  • During fasting, our energy can be down due to reduced amount of sugar in the body. Expert Dr. Nidhi says that we need to keep in mind that the amount of sugar in the body remains.
  • It is necessary to consume some sugar during the fast. If you can take honey instead of sugar, it is even better.

4- Balance diet

  • Some people do not eat salt at all during Navratri, then some people take only drinking things. This causes weakness in the body.
  • During the fast, keep eating salad, leafy vegetables and fruits and juices in sufficient quantity so that you do not have weakness.

5- Can carry sweets

  • People who fast on Navratri also eat Falhari Barfi. The amount of sugar is less in Falhari Barfi. Nuts are also mixed with khove. Therefore it is good for our immune system. This is a good option for those who like to eat sweets.

6- Take dry fruit and peanuts

  • Due to the coronavirus, this time Navratri fasting requires more attention to one’s own health, because our small carelessness can be overwhelming. According to Dr. Nidhi Pandey, we have to pay a lot of attention to our energy and immune system, dry fruit and groundnut are the best solutions for this.
  • Dr. Nidhi says that if you can take almonds, dates and dates, then your energy will never decrease.

7- Drink water continuously

  • This time Navaratri is very humid, summer is still not gone. In such a situation, there is a fear of dehydration on an empty stomach. Lack of water in the body can also cause major problems. In such a situation, we have to concentrate a lot on drinking water. The fasting person should drink at least four liters of water in a day.

8- Must consume lemon

  • The most we need in coronavirus is vitamin C. Dr. Nidhi Pandey says that lemon is the best source of vitamin C. Which we can use both in food and drink. Therefore, keep using lemon continuously during the fast.

9 – Be more dependent on fruits

  • According to Dr. Nidhi Pandey, fruits contain plenty of nutrition and multi vitamins. Therefore, during Navratri fast in Coronavirus, our dependence on fruits should be more than anything else.

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