OTP will be automatically deleted from Google’s messaging apps; Family, friends and business will be able to create separate sections of promotion messages | OTP will be automatically deleted from messaging apps; You will be able to create separate sections for promotional messages of family, friends and business.

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  • OTP Will Be Automatically Deleted From Google’s Messaging Apps; Family, Friends And Business Will Be Able To Create Separate Sections Of Promotion Messages

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Google has launched a new feature. This will be for Google’s messaging app. The company has brought a new way of viewing messages. Which can make a separate category of promotion messages for family, friends and business. Also read messages, confirmation of sent messages can also be known.

It will be easy to see by searching the message
Google’s message category feature works on machine learning technology. This automatically filters messages by category. This includes messages from personal, ATM transactions, OTPs messages. Google says that this feature will make it easier to search and see the message.

Transaction tab feature
Messages for transactions and bill payments from the bank will be filtered and moved to the Transactions tab. At the same time, it will be easy to see the chat message in the personal tab with the number saved in the phonebook.

OTP will be deleted after 24 hours
Google will also remove the automatic one time password (OTP) to remove unnecessary messages from the inbox. Which gets deleted after 24 hours of receiving the message. With this, you will not have to give a separate time to delete the message.

To activate this feature, you have to click on ‘Continue’ button. Supports Android 8 version of Android phones. The new feature of OTP delete will be optional which can be managed from the settings. If you want to use it, you can manage from setting. Also download the new version of Google Messages app.

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