Order of FIR on Kangana Ranaut for inciting religious sentiments, Bandra Magistrate Court verdict – FIR ordered for inciting religious sentiments against Kangana Ranaut

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Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has been in trouble over her controversial statements


The Bandra Magistrate Court has ordered an FIR against Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Kangana has been accused of inciting religious sentiments, dividing artists into Hindu-Muslims and promoting social malice. Petitioner Munna Varali has demanded a probe against Kangana, citing tweets made in the past few times.

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The petitioner had filed a petition alleging the spread of social malice between Hindu artist and Muslim artist in Kangana’s tweet and statements on the news. Kangana’s sister Rangoli has also been accused in this case. The complainant has also mentioned Kangana’s remarks comparing the situation in Mumbai to PoK.

The petitioner says that as a casting director he worked with all the Hindu and Muslim film directors of the film industry, but never felt any discrimination. But through social media (Twitter, Instagram), Kangana is constantly trying to divide Bollywood industry artists on the basis of Hindus and Muslims. She has also told the Bollywood film industry to be involved in drugs, murderers and nepotism. These tweets are creating disharmony within Bollywood and in the general public.

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