One-year-old girl saved 6-year-old brother by donating a bone marrow – A 6-year-old girl saved a 6-year-old brother by donating a bone marrow

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One-year-old girl saved 6-year-old brother by donating a bone marrow


The one-year-old girl, born with the help of IVF, managed to save the life of her six-year-old brother with the goal of saving her life by providing her brother with thalassemia. The girl named Kavya was born in Ahmedabad a year ago with the help of ‘In-Vitro Fertilization’ (IVF) under the concept of ‘Raksha Sahodar’. Doctors told on Thursday that in March this year, Kavya’s bone marrow was transplanted to his brother Abhijeet Solanki and now he is not in danger. Both children are perfectly healthy. He told that Sahadev Singh Solanki and Abhijeet, the second child of Alp Solanki, had a problem of thalassemia-major, in which the patient has to offer blood every month. Thalassemia-major patients require frequent transfusion of blood and their life expectancy is also reduced.

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In such a situation, for the treatment of Abhijeet, his parents were suggested to transplant his bone marrow, but they could not find a suitable HLA (human leukocyte antigen) for his son. “In the event of unavailability of a matching HLA donor for transplantation, we followed the IVF with a matching HLA donor,” said Dr. Manish Banker, Medical Director of the city’s Nova IVF Clinic. This HLA typing process is an established method of conception for a child who can donate umbilical cord blood or specialized stem cells for transplantation to his sibling suffering from a serious illness. Banker said, “HLA-like donor-derived bone marrow transplantation is the best option for thalassemia-major patients. Accepting this challenge, we prepared a healthy guard sibling for the life of the elder brother.

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With the help of IVF, Abhijeet’s mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl Kavya a year ago, whose HLA was matching with her brother. The banker told that in March this year, when Kavya’s weight was corrected as per the requirement, her bone marrow was successfully transplanted to Abhijeet in CIMS Hospital. He says, “Now there is no threat to Abhijeet and he does not need blood transfusions.” This is the first case in India, “especially to save the life of a sibling suffering from Thalassemia-Major.” A child with matching HLA was born with the help of IVF. ‘Abhijeet’s father thanked the bankers and doctors for saving his son’s life. He said, “I am happy to see both children healthy.”

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