One year of Delhi riots: important figures released by police, plot revealed – one year of Delhi riots: important figures released by police, plot revealed


Big conspiracy behind the riots
According to the police, the riots happened at a time when the US President Donald Trump was visiting India under a huge conspiracy. The riots took place so that the international media gets attention and the image of India is tarnished. That is why the rioters chose sensitive areas.

In the riots case, Delhi Police registered 755 cases in 11 police stations. The police claim that so many cases were not even registered in the 1984 riots. The riots took place in areas such as Seelampur, Jafrabad, Bhajanpura, Welcome, Jyoti Nagar, Karaval Nagar, Gokulpuri, Dayalpur and Khajuri Khas.

Three SITs of Crime Branch were formed to investigate the riots, which are investigating 60 cases. These include 53 murder cases. The Special Cell registered a separate case to investigate the major conspiracy behind the riots, while the remaining 692 cases are being investigated by the local police.

In the case of riots, 775 cases have been registered, out of which 400 cases have been resolved. Chargesheets have been filed in 349 cases, 102 supplementary charge sheets have been filed, courts have taken cognizance of 303 chargesheets.

So far, 1825 accused have been arrested in these cases. Of these, 869 accused are from Hindu community while 956 accused are from Muslim community. The accused were identified through video found on the spot, facial recognition system, CCTV footage and photographs and videos from people’s phones. Police received 954 videos. These videos and photographs were also matched with the dossiers of criminals which helped in catching many rioters.

The accused were also arrested from Artificial Intelligence, e-Vehicle Database, Driving License Database. By retrieving the deleted data from the mobile of the accused, dump data, Geo location also found many evidences.

Funds for the riots were also investigated. At present there are 1204 accused who have not got any relief from the court. Claim commissioners have been appointed to recover the losses incurred in the riots from the accused, who have received 2000 applications for claims. Compensation of 20 crores has been given by Delhi Government.

Delhi riot: Court dismisses plea seeking protection of witnesses ‘CDR’

In order to maintain communal harmony, 471 meetings of the Peace Committee have been held with the help of the police. 2599 people have applied for the riot claim commission to make up for the loss. According to the police, the investigation of the riots is going on fast and the cases which are not yet resolved will be solved soon.


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