OLA Electric Scooter India Launch Price; Scooter Subsidy By State Central Government | Government subsidy is reducing vehicle prices by up to 54 thousand, the company will install Ola’s charging points in 400 cities

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  • OLA Electric Scooter India Launch Price; Scooter Subsidy By State Central Government

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Ola electric scooter is going to be launched in India soon. The company started its booking from July 15 for Rs 499. It got more than 1 lakh bookings in a few days. It is discussed that 10 color options are going to be available in it. However, the company has not given its launch date. But new features and information are constantly coming out about it. Talking about the price of the vehicle, the company has not given its information. At the same time, it is estimated that the prices of electric scooters can be reduced by 42 to 57% due to the subsidy from the state government and the central government. Along with this, the company has announced to install Hypercharger for this electric scooter in more than 100,000 locations or touchpoints in 400 cities in India. In this, the customer of Ola electric scooter will not have any inconvenience in charging. In which city the charging point is located, this information will be available on the company’s official website.

Understand how much subsidy will be given in Ola electric scooter price
The Central Government and the State Government are giving subsidy on electric vehicles, due to which there is a huge drop in the price of electric vehicles. In such a situation, understand what will be the cost of Ola scooter. Suppose you decide to buy Hero’s electric scooter Optima. The company has fixed its price at Rs 1.22 lakh. When it goes to the Delhi showroom, it gets a subsidy of about Rs.39 thousand from the central government and up to Rs.15000 from the state government of Delhi. In this way, a subsidy of up to 54 thousand rupees is available in the scooter. After this the price of the scooter becomes about 64 thousand rupees. Due to this, the subsidy received from the central government goes to the dealer, while the subsidy received from the state government goes to the customer’s account.

In such a situation, suppose the price of Ola scooter is also between Rs 1.30 lakh. So these customers can get up to 75000 thousand. The name of the series of Ola scooters could be S1 and S1 Pro. Its price has not been released officially.

Features of Ola Electric Scooter

  • This electric scooter of Ola will run for 150 km in a single charge. Its top speed will be 90 kmph. This electric scooter will come with home charger. Customers will be able to charge this scooter from the regular wall socket.
  • This scooter will be offered in 10 colors. It includes colors like black, white, blue, red and pink.
  • Looking at the teaser of the scooter, it is clear that its model will be the best. At the same time, in terms of speed, it will compete with petrol vehicles. Also, it will get bigger boot space. The teaser shows two helmets being kept in the boot space. Usually only one helmet is allowed in the boot space of the scooter.
  • The company claims that the scooter will be charged 50 percent in 18 minutes with the fast charger. It will get a range of 75 km. Along with this, this electric scooter will also get the facility of smartphone connectivity, which will help in providing real-time information about the charging status through the Ola Electric app.

Target to sell 10 lakh scooters in the first year
The company has invested Rs 2400 crore to build the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturing facility. The price of this e-scooter from Ola will be very competitive, which will give tough competition to other electric scooters currently in the market, as the company seeks to establish its dominance in the emerging electric two-wheeler segment of India. The report also suggests that Ola is planning to sell one million e-scooters in the first year itself.

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