Nurse Who Helped Saved British Prime Minister Boris Johnson S Life Quits In Protest – Nurse Who Saved British Prime Minister Boris Johnson From Corona Resigns, Learn Why


The nurse, who corrected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson from Corona, resigned. (File photo)


A nurse who played a key role in saving the life of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was corona-infected last year, has resigned from his job and the UK’s health service. The nurse has taken this step in honor of the frontline staff and against the government. We are talking about New Zealand-born Jenny McGee. Jenny McGhee was one of the two nurses who had given Boris Johnson a year-round treatment at a hospital in Central London after Corona became infected.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after recovering, took the name of Jenny McGee and another nurse, saying, “I have been able to recover only because of his care.” But his government has been facing the wrath of nurses ever since. . This fury of nurses against the government is only against the one percent wage hike.

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McGee told Channel 4 Television, “We are not getting the respect we deserve. I am convinced of this attitude. That is why I have submitted my resignation.” McGee also gave up the opportunity to have a photo click on Downing Street last July. He refused to participate in it because he and many nurses believe that the government has not led very effectively. There was always a situation of indecision and the government always kept giving evasive messages. It was all very disturbing.

Keer Starr, the leader of the main opposition Labor Party on McGee’s resignation, said that McGee’s resignation is a terrible gift to Boris Johnson, showing how unlike Johnson’s attitude towards the life-saver is. At the same time, a spokesperson for Downing Street said that this government will do everything with full force in support of the employees of the National Health Service (NHS). He stressed that NHS employees were excluded from the salary freeze, while other public sector workers were affected by it.

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In the Channel 4 documentary, McGhee said it was “real” to see the Prime Minister in his hospital. Recalling the scene of the hospital a year ago, he said that at that time there were many sick patients all around, some of whom were dying. I remember then that his (Boris Johnson) health was also fragile, in fact it was a different stop. Taking care of them was very complicated and we did not know what was going to happen.

McGee said that a worsening wave of epidemics in the winter months affected Britain and it remained in its ward until Christmas. I do not know how to describe the horrors we were going through at that time. McGee said she is planning for a new nursing job in the Caribbean, but also hopes to return to the NHS in the future.


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