Now or never, this is a fight for our rights: message blaring out of loudspeakers of Punjab Gurdwaras – Not yet, never, loudspeaker buzzing from gurdwaras of Punjab for tractor parade


Special things

  • Daring the farmers from the gurudwara of Punjab – ‘Not now or never’
  • A large number of farmers left Delhi from Amritsar on Tuesday
  • On January 26, tractor parade will be included, those who do not come will be punished


Despite the Supreme Court banning the implementation of the three new farm laws, a large number of farmers from Punjab took part in the Tractor Parade on Republic Day in New Delhi within an hour Left for A large convoy of tractor-trolley left for Amritsar from Delhi on Tuesday under the banner of Kisan Mazdoor Sagarsh Committee. Farmers and farmer organizations have decided to send participants to participate in a large number of tractor parades by 20 January. Some community of farmers have decided that those who are unable to send their car to Delhi will pay the fine otherwise they will be socially boycotted.

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On Tuesday, loudspeakers from gurdwaras across the state were announced to support the farmers’ movement in Delhi. It was told to the gurudwara, “If we miss now, then we will never get this chance. This is a fight for our rights.”


On Tuesday, the Supreme Court, while hearing several cases related to the farmers’ movement, stopped the implementation of the three new agricultural laws passed by Parliament in September 2020. Along with this, the court also constituted a high-level committee consisting of four members, which will listen to the problems of the farmers, know the opinion of the government and review the farmers laws and submit their recommendations to the court.

Here, the farmers’ organizations refused to have any kind of dialogue with the committee set up by the Supreme Court and alleged that the members of the committee were in favor of the government. Farmers’ organizations have decided to take out the tractor parade in New Delhi on Republic Day (26 January).


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