Now marriage will take place immediately under the Special Marriage Act, pictures will not be put on the notice board


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The Special Marriage Act will be married immediately. Now you will not have to wait a month for marriage. In one of its decisions, the Allahabad High Court has abolished the ban of putting photos of married people on the notice board for a month. The court gave this order while hearing under a Habeas Corpus Act. In this case, a Muslim girl named Safiya Sultana had married her friend Abhishek by becoming a Hindu, but Safiya’s father was preventing her from going with her husband.

After resolving the case, the court sought to know from Safia and Abhishek why they did not marry under the Special Marriage Act which does not require change of name or religion. On this, he told that after applying for marriage under the Special Marriage Act, a photo of the boy and girl is put on the notice board of the office of the marriage officer with a notice. In the notice, the full address of the boy and the girl is publicized and it is written that if anyone objected to their marriage, they should contact the marriage officer within a month.


He said that it was not right for him in two ways. One, it is a violation of their right to privacy, secondly, by doing this, family members or other people who are opposed to inter-religious weddings, start putting a hindrance in it.

On this, the court ordered that in the Special Marriage Act, photographs and notices of those who marry will be given only if they themselves want to do so. Otherwise, they should be given a marriage certificate as soon as they apply for marriage. The court said that publicizing the photos and addresses of the married people on the notice board in this way is a violation of the right to privacy.


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