Not just ration, from clothes-soap to ambulance: farmers ready for long agitation – no rationing, from clothes-soap to ambulance: farmers ready for long agitation

Singhu, Delhi:

Despite the severe cold, farmers (center) Long agitation against agricultural laws(Farmers Protest March) are also seen ready. In addition to rationing in the tractor-trolleys, the farmers have also arranged for an ambulance and a doctor along with bringing clothes and soap. A group of farmers from Kapurthala district of Punjab (Punjab) along with the ambulance, a doctor and a full carton of medicines Have brought it so that if any problem arises to any farmer during the cold, then it can be treated immediately.

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The blockade of farmers continues for the sixth consecutive day on the Singhu Border of Delhi-Haryana Border. The long sight of tractor-trolleys is seen after seeing the aerial view of the farmers. There is complete arrangement of tarpaulin-covered trawlers, ration-laden trucks, water, fuel, medicines and other essential items among the farmers.

With everyday items too
These preparations clearly indicate that they will not go back till the farmers’ concerns are resolved and agricultural laws are not withdrawn. When the increasing intensity of farmers’ protests is making headlines in the country and the world, one thing is hardly noticed that the farmers organizations have gone out of their way to prepare for the successful Delhi Chalo campaign. Trolleys have come out on trucks carrying everyday items such as laundry soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, slippers, warm blankets and other items.

Mineral water is also arranged
Hundreds of bottles of mineral water have also been arranged for the farmers engaged in the protest. Avatar Singh Walia, who came from Kapurthala in Punjab and is overseeing the medical camp, told NewsBust, “We have a doctor with us who is ready for treatment during any medical emergency. We see farmers looking at Kovid-19 Masks are also distributed. In many places community kitchens have been made, but we felt it right to make necessary arrangements for treatment. “The farmers have ration for about six months. On the stove they can be seen cooking from place to place.


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