Not a victory for anyone, its victory for fair play: 5 Big Supreme Court Quotes on Farm Laws – It’s not a win for any side, just a win for fairness: 5 important comments of SC on agricultural law


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new Delhi:
The hearing on the petitions filed in the Supreme Court is going on today. Taking a big step, the Supreme Court has stopped the implementation of the three agricultural laws till the next order. Along with this, a committee has also been formed. The bench of CJI SA Bobde, Justice AS Bopanna and Justice V Ramasubramaniam is hearing. During the hearing, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court SA Bobde said that we want a solution to the problem and for this the formation of a committee is necessary. We are making a committee for ourselves.

Important information related to the case:

  1. Chief Justice of India (CJI) SA Bobde said that we will give an interim order. No farmer’s land will be sold. We want a solution to the problem. We have the right, one of which is to suspend the law.

  2. The Supreme Court said that we have the right to form a committee, people who really want a solution can go to the committee. We are making a committee for ourselves. The committee will report to us. Anyone can go before the committee. We want to know the ground reality so we want to constitute the committee.

  3. CJI said that yesterday, farmers’ lawyer Dave said that farmers will not take out a tractor rally on January 26. If farmers can go before the government then why not before the committee? If they want a solution to the problem, then we do not want to hear that farmers will not appear before the committee. We want a knowledgeable person (committee) to meet the farmers and debate according to the point where the problem lies.

  4. The Supreme Court said that no power can stop us from setting up a committee to evaluate the merits and demerits of agricultural laws. This will be part of the judicial process. The committee will state which provisions should be removed. Then he will deal with the laws. The CJI said that we want to suspend the law, but conditional. However, not indefinitely.

  5. We cannot say anything to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is not a party to this case. We will not say anything to them. This is not politics. There is a difference between politics and judiciary and you have to cooperate.


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