Nose Spray Containing Love Hormone Oxytocin Could Help Us Lose Weight | Nose spray will reduce weight, the oxytocin hormone present in it will control the desire to eat and reduce obesity; London researchers claim

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Nasal spray can reduce obesity. Researchers from London have made this claim in their research. Researchers say, the hormone oxytocin present in the spray prevents a person from thinking about overeating.

Research in the last few years has revealed that spraying human-made oxytocin in the nose provides relief in many problems. For example, many types of sounds are heard in the ears of children suffering from autism. In scientific language it is called Tinnitus. With the help of this spray, it gives relief. Apart from this, this hormone is given in the form of a spray when the desire for sex decreases. which has proved effective.

Recent research by Imperial College London and Kingston University has revealed that it also controls appetite. During the research, 40 women and men were sprayed in the nose before showing a picture related to food. Their reaction slowed down when they were shown pictures of food after the spray. There was a decrease in the desire for hunger.

hence less hunger
Researchers say, when this spray reaches the nose, the brain feels less need to take calories. Hence there is less appetite. This has also been confirmed in research done on animals before humans.

Spray will help in weight loss in future
Researchers believe, this hormone slows down the activity of the ventral tegment area of ​​the brain. This affects the appetite. In future this spray can be used for weight loss. Especially for those who are struggling with obesity.

However, this hormone can also have some side effects. Such as nausea, low blood pressure and abnormal heart beat.

Why is oxytocin called the love hormone?
Whenever a person hugs, holds hands or kisses, the brain releases the hormone oxytocin. That’s why oxytocin is called the love hormone. This oxytocin also helps reduce labor pain in pregnant women.

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