Noida: sanitation workers sitting on hunger strike in protest against registration of FIR


Scavengers are protesting in Noida.


On Wednesday, scavengers sat on a hunger strike in protest against the registration of an FIR against 13 sweepers by the Noida Authority. Bablu Parcha and Sanjay Dhiman, sitting on hunger strike, said that the fast will continue till their demands are met and the cases will not be returned.

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Significantly, the sweepers have been on strike for the past several days in protest against the abolition of contractual practice in Noida Authority and sending the location to the workplace with a mobile app. In the event of not accepting the demand in the past, the cleaning workers had threatened to convert.

Taking cognizance of this, the Noida Authority on Tuesday night filed a case against 12 scavengers in the police station Sector-20. Other sweepers are very angry with this. Bablu Parcha said that his hunger strike will continue till his demands are met and the cases filed against scavengers are not withdrawn.

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Additional DCP Ranvijay Singh said that the contract sweepers are opposing the authority outside the Noida Authority office located in Sector-6. A meeting was held with the officials of their authority, their main demands have been accepted. But some employees are instigating other employees due to their personal interests. A case has been registered against thirteen cleaning workers on the authority of the authorities.

Meanwhile, the Noida Authority has taken a tough stand on the strike of the cleaning workers. OSD Indu Prakash has issued a press release saying that the cleaning work is being interrupted for over a month by the representatives of various organizations of the sanitation workers of Noida area by misleading the sanitation workers for their personal selfishness. On 16 September, 1041 sweepers registered their presence on the mobile app out of 1360 sweepers hired through all the contracts in the authority public service department. Employees who did not work by not registering their presence with the mobile app. He has been removed from the contract and the process of replacing him with new employees has been started.

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